How I work with you

    The writing process


    Starting a project with me is simple, whatever the size of your business, whatever industry you’re in. Each and every copy and content project is different but the writing process is usually the same.

    Below is a general outline of my process and how I work to make your life that much easier.


    Step 1: Get in touch with me


    If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch via my contact page. Fill out the form, add a top-level description of your project and submit.

    I’ll be in touch as soon as possible via email or a phone call for a quick get-to-know-you chat.


    Step 2: The briefing form


    After our chat, I’ll pop over a briefing form.

    The form will contain top-level questions about your business’ background, its offering and your target audience.

    It will also contain questions about the tone and style you’re after as well as what writing deliverables you need from me specifically.

    In a way, the brief defines your parameters for success. It helps me understand your business better and what you’re trying to achieve.


    Step 3: The proposal and cost


    Off the answers you provide in your brief, I’ll put a proposal document together.

    This proposal will outline what I’ll be writing for you, any extras you need from me (ie: research, reading or extra rounds of revisions), the date of delivery of the project and its final cost.

    If there’s anything I don’t understand in your brief, I’ll call to clarify those things before finalising the proposal and cost.


    Step 4: Proposal sign off and 50% payment


    If you’re happy with my proposal and project terms, all you need to do is sign it off and transfer me 50% of the total project fee as a deposit.

    Once I’ve received your signed paperwork and deposit, I’ll schedule a —


    Step 5: Consultation call


    This is where we go deeper into your project on a phone or video call.

    My consultation call with you can be as short as 30 minutes for smaller projects or as long as 2 hours if your project is a large one.

    In this call, you’ll be able to give me more detail on everything you’re thinking — what your business is facing and what you’re hoping to achieve with your business.

    The idea is to develop an in-depth, insightful understanding of you and your business. And to make sure we’re all on the same page in terms of goals.

    You can expect me to ask you a lot of questions. But don’t be scared! Just think of it as an opportunity to tell me how great your business is.


    Step 6: Writing the words


    Now I’m off to the races writing your copy and/or content.

    The majority of clients I work with are happy to have their material delivered in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

    But if you want your writing delivered in another format, let me know during the briefing process and I’ll do what I can to accommodate.

    Step 7: Edits and revisions


    When I’ve finished writing, I’ll send it over.

    Find a quiet corner to have a good read and really absorb the material. You’re free to let me know if the words live up to your expectations, do what you need them to and overall, what you really think.

    If there are things you don’t like, point them out on the documents and send them back so I can make changes.

    Keep in mind, the more detailed and constructive your feedback is, the sooner and more accurately I can make those changes to meet your expectations.


    Step 8: Project completion and payment


    After I complete your edits, the writing process is officially complete!

    I’ll pop over an invoice for the final 50% of the project and excitedly wait for your brand new words to go online.

    Lost for words? Get in touch for a FREE quote.

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    Lost for words? Get in touch for a FREE quote.

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    My Copywriting Services

    Website Copywriting

    Words that connect, convince and convert your customers. Need higher page rankings in Search Engines? I can do the keyword research too.

    Landing Page Copywriting

    A key proposition will funnel your customers towards a singular goal. Sharp and focused messaging will see you achieve your desired outcome.

    Blog Copywriting

    Secure your audience by establishing yourself as the authority in your line of business. Engaging content in the voice of your brand.

    Email Copywriting

    Maintain your customer relationships. Avoid getting binned with catchy subject lines, succinct, on-point email messaging and clear call-to-actions.

    Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

    Even in today’s digital world, the power of print is still strong. Printed words impress and make your audience go ‘wow!’

    Proofreading & Editing

    No one’s perfect. I’ll highlight your errors and offer suggestions for improvements. No client wants work with mistakes in it!

    Lost for words? Get in touch for a FREE quote.

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