Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are you?

    I’m Andrew, an SEO copywriter based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been in advertising since the early 2000s and I’ve specialised in digital marketing since 2008.

    During this time, I’ve worked with a lot of big brands. These include Qantas, Telstra, Virgin Australia, Mattel, Hungry Jacks, Toyota, Australian Catholic Superannuation, Barbeques Galore and MyBudget. I’ve also worked with a tonne of small to medium businesses too.

    If you’d like to know more, click through to my about page.

    What is copywriting?

    Copywriting is the craft of writing words that persuade customers to take action — this action can include purchasing a product or making an enquiry about a service. Copywriting highlights the features and benefits of a product or service and communicates them to a specific target audience with clarity and flair.

    Copywriting can take many forms including TV commercials, web copy, radio voiceovers, flyers and brochures, slogans on billboards, sales pages and even restaurant menus.

    What is SEO copywriting?

    SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation.’

    Search engine optimised copywriting highlights the features and benefits of products and services just as regular copywriting does. The difference is that it’s copy written specifically for websites. This writing helps websites rank better in search engine indexes, receive more traffic and in turn drive more sales and/or business enquiries.

    SEO copywriting is driven by keyword data research and an understanding of how search engine ecosystems and their robots work.

    To be a great SEO copywriter, you need to walk a fine line between appealing to both people and the algorithms of the web.

    SEO copywriting is my specialty.

    What is content writing?

    Unlike copywriting, which is written with the specific intention of convincing someone to take an action, content writing is informative. Content writing can include blog posts, whitepapers, e-books and lead magnets.

    Great content writing frames you as the go-to expert in your field. By sharing valuable advice and insights, you attract the right audience, generate quality leads and turn browsers into buyers.

    I optimise all of your web content so that search engines love your site and reward it with a higher index ranking — so your target audience can find you.

    How much does copywriting cost?

    All businesses have different marketing requirements.

    The digital strategy, target audience, tone of voice and style will differ from one business to the next. This means writing requirements will be different from one project to the next — and so will the pricing.

    One size never fits all so I can’t give you a price here. All I can promise is that for reasonable prices, you’ll get top-quality service and top-quality SEO copy and content writing.

    For more information, take a look at my pricing page.

    Do you charge by the word?

    No, I don’t.

    When I write web-based copy and/or content for your business, I’m providing a professional service which goes beyond the words on the page. This can be in the form of SEO advice and general website advice about the user experience, content structuring and much more.

    Charging by the word is an old-school style of pricing often used by newspaper journalists and article writers. It also emphasises quantity over quality — why bore your readers with 3000 words when 300 will get the point across?

    Do you write free samples?

    No. If you want to see samples of work I’ve written for other clients, I’d be happy to forward them to you. 

    How long does it take you to finish a copywriting project?

    If we work a thorough briefing process (which includes a consuItation call), I can usually deliver a 10-web page project within 2 to 3 weeks.

    Can you write in the tone and style my business needs?

    Absolutely. I’m adaptable and versatile.

    As you would have seen on my about page, I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of industries. Just because you’re seeing a specific style on this website doesn’t mean I can’t write in other tones and styles.

    As your writer, I aim to switch up tone and style to suit the needs of your business.

    Can you get my website onto page 1 of Google?

    Let me be totally blunt about this.

    Anyone who promises they can get your website onto page 1 is ignorant of how search engines really work. To be on page 1, there are factors outside of fully search engine optimised copy and content writing.

    This can include the quality of your website’s build (coding) and your website’s backlink profile (domain authority). These factors need to align in order for your website to rise through the ranks.

    Search engines robots don’t just look at the content on your site. They look at everything.

    What I promise is this — I’ll give you fully optimised writing to give your website its best chance of rising to page 1, position 1, for the keywords you’re targeting.

    Do you subcontract your writing?

    No. All that I deliver is written by me and me alone. And I never use substandard writers from developing countries.

    Do I own the copyright to the writing you create?

    Once you’ve approved my writing and paid my final invoice, the rights to the copy belong to you forever.

    Can you still help me if I live outside Australia?

    Of course! I’ve written for clients in my home country of Australia but also for clients in Asia, Europe and the United States. We’re all connected online so it doesn’t matter where you are.

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    Just a little bit more about me.


    I love stories told in pictures and sound. Some of my fave filmmakers include Scorsese, Spielberg, Kurosawa and Woody Allen. I’d be happy to watch movies all day, everyday for the rest of my life.


    My favourite cuisines are Japanese, Vietnamese and Italian. Cuisines that emphasise ingredients over technique are the best! And I’m very picky about my coffee.


    My wife and I had a baby boy in early 2018. I’ve been cleaning his pee and poo ever since. Most of the time I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry, so I do both. Sometimes at the same time.


    In my youth, I backpacked more than 30 countries on a puff of smoke. Yep, no money. The world is a fascinating place. I’ll travel more when my little guy is ready to go. I’m keen on South America.

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    I am…








    On time

    My Copywriting Services

    Website Copywriting

    Words that connect, convince and convert your customers. Need higher page rankings in Search Engines? I can do the keyword research too.

    Landing Page Copywriting

    A key proposition will funnel your customers towards a singular goal. Sharp and focused messaging will see you achieve your desired outcome.

    Blog Copywriting

    Secure your audience by establishing yourself as the authority in your line of business. Engaging content in the voice of your brand.

    Email Copywriting

    Maintain your customer relationships. Avoid getting binned with catchy subject lines, succinct, on-point email messaging and clear call-to-actions.

    Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

    Even in today’s digital world, the power of print is still strong. Printed words impress and make your audience go ‘wow!’

    Proofreading & Editing

    No one’s perfect. I’ll highlight your errors and offer suggestions for improvements. No client wants work with mistakes in it!

    Lost for words? Get in touch for a FREE quote.

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