Samples of work

Over the years, I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of industries.

What you see on this page is only a small handful of my writing. It’s just a taste of what I can do.

If you’d like to see more samples of work, I’d be happy to send them to you.

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Mortgage Stress — information page

Credit Card Reforms 2019 — information page

Debt Consolidation — landing page

Bad Credit — landing page


Australian Catholic Superannuation

About Us section — all pages within About section

Employers section — all pages within Employer section



Is Life Insurance Tax Deductible? — information page


Barbeques Galore

BBQ Pantry: Rubs, Sauces and Marinades — product category page


Transport for NSW

School Drive Subsidy — cover letter (PDF)

School Drive Subsidy — brochure (PDF)





Reef Property Lombok



Include a Charity

11 things you MUST do when writing your Will — lead magnet (PDF)


Boomer Booster




8 Ways to Stay Productive When Starting Your First Business — blog post

10 Reasons Perfectionism Could Be Hurting You (& What to Do About It) — blog post


Flying Solo Micro Business Community

When enough’s enough: 7 reasons to fire your client right NOW — blog post

How to handle brutal feedback better — blog post


EPS International (pharmaceutical consulting)

Phase 1 clinical trial opportunities: Australia shows the world it’s open for business — news article

Hong Kong’s new efficiencies in regulatory approvals for clinical trials — news article

India’s regulatory reforms for clinical trials — news article


Big Wave Digital Recruitment

Why you still need a recruiter (in the LinkedIn age) – Part 1 — blog post

Why you still need a recruiter (in the LinkedIn age) – Part 2 — blog post


The Clever Copywriting School Community

The discombobulating reality of being a freelance copywriter

Home office frenemies: Why a co-working space might be just what you need


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On time

My Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Words that connect, convince and convert your customers. Need higher page rankings in Search Engines? I can do the keyword research too.

Landing Page Copywriting

A key proposition will funnel your customers towards a singular goal. Sharp and focused messaging will see you achieve your desired outcome.

Blog Copywriting

Secure your audience by establishing yourself as the authority in your line of business. Engaging content in the voice of your brand.

Email Copywriting

Maintain your customer relationships. Avoid getting binned with catchy subject lines, succinct, on-point email messaging and clear call-to-actions.

Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

Even in today’s digital world, the power of print is still strong. Printed words impress and make your audience go ‘wow!’

Proofreading & Editing

No one’s perfect. I’ll highlight your errors and offer suggestions for improvements. No client wants work with mistakes in it!

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