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Website copywriting? How is it different to copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of crafting sentences that compel readers to take an action. It’s the fine art of structuring sentences that are engaging and persuasive. All in a unique brand voice.

Copywriting is for humans.

Website copywriting or any writing for the internet requires a little something extra. Search Engine Optimisation.

Also known as SEO.

This is for the robots that index websites around the globe. Great website copywriting answers to both human beings and robots.

Confused about SEO? That’s okay.

SEO, simply put —

— is the process of helping your website turn up on the page closest to number one, if not page one.

Being closer to the top means the chances of your target demographic finding you are way higher. In turn, the chances of them buying your products or services are way higher too.

At the end of the day, it’s about drawing visitors in so you can turn them from leads into customers.

Humans come first. The robots come second.

To turn up on page one, a lot of websites feature copywriting that only make robots happy.

They’ll feature nearly unreadable website copywriting. The copywriting will be loaded with the words you just typed into the search box.

For a short period, websites like this rank well despite the poor content.

Eventually, they’re punished by search engines. And what’s the point of getting to the top if visitors become confused, frustrated and just leave?

How can I help you?

I write copy that engages and persuades human beings. At the same time, my website copywriting helps you rank.

Work with me and you’ll get great writing that incorporates best practice SEO techniques, thorough keyword research and competitor analysis.

If you have a website already I can take a look at some of your technical elements. I’ll offer suggestions around them to help your website rise and rise.

If you feel intimidated by all this tech talk don’t worry! I’ll take my time explaining this to you in non-geek speak to make sure you understand what is going on.

Ready to work with me?

Just get in touch.

I have engaged Andrew on multiple complex subject matter content assignments. Andrew is a pleasure to work with, he takes on constructive advice with ease and quickly implements any changes as required.

Andrew is smart, articulate and just gets it. I have employed hundreds of digital people over the past 20 years and Andrew is honestly a stand-out. He delivers ALWAYS on time, quality content that has had a positive impact on my business Big Wave Digital. I’d be honoured to speak to any prospective clients of Andrew’s although I don’t want to share my secret too much ! LOL go, Andrew!

Keiran Hathorn

CEO & Founder, Big Wave Digital

Working with Andrew is a pleasure. He's an excellent writer who gives great customer service. A real professional, he always delivers on time. I have no hesitation recommending him if you're in need of a copywriter. I will be working with Andrew for years to come.

Maria Cordero

Manager, LFCC Services

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My Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Words that connect, convince and convert your customers. Need higher page rankings in Search Engines? I can do the keyword research too.

Landing Page Copywriting

A key proposition will funnel your customers towards a singular goal. Sharp and focused messaging will see you achieve your desired outcome.

Blog Copywriting

Secure your audience by establishing yourself as the authority in your line of business. Engaging content in the voice of your brand.

Email Copywriting

Maintain your customer relationships. Avoid getting binned with catchy subject lines, succinct, on-point email messaging and clear call-to-actions.

Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

Even in today’s digital world, the power of print is still strong. Printed words impress and make your audience go ‘wow!’

Proofreading & Editing

No one’s perfect. I’ll highlight your errors and offer suggestions for improvements. No client wants work with mistakes in it!

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