Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

Old school, but not obsolete!

In today’s digital world emphasis has been placed on the number of clicks your website gets. It’s about raising the open rates of your emails. Lowering the bounce rates of your web pages.

Finding out where your online visitors came from. If they were from search or if they were direct. The digital statistics measuring online success just go on and on and on.

But make no mistake…

The power of brochure and direct mail copywriting is still strong!

The physical nature of a printed sales letter or brochure is still impressive if done right. You can still get a “whoa” response from your readers with great brochure and direct mail copywriting.

The dilemma with print is it often ends up in the bin if the messaging isn’t engaging right away. When brochure and direct mail collateral ends up in the bin, speaking to your readers the next time round is harder too.

Not only have you wasted your time and money, you’ve made life more difficult for yourself!

Get it right off the bat.

I’ll help you avoid these difficulties. My brochure and direct mail copywriting features —

  • Succinct headlines that demand attention.
  • Engaging text highlighting the value of your business to the reader.
  • Clear call to actions so the reader knows what to do after the read.

When brochure and direct mail copywriting is done right, it grabs the reader’s attention. And when your reader is grabbed it means they’re well on their way to becoming a customer.

Needing help?

I’d love to! We’ll talk about what you do, the history of your business and the nature of your contacts.

I’ll help you tap into your key proposition and assist you in generating your key messages.

Just get in touch!

Working with Andrew is a pleasure. He's an excellent writer who gives great customer service. A real professional, he always delivers on time. I have no hesitation recommending him if you're in need of a copywriter. I will be working with Andrew for years to come.

Maria Cordero

Manager, LFCC Services

If you’re in need of a writer, you can’t go wrong with Andrew. He’s consistent and reliable, produces in-depth content with the right balance of storytelling and practicality, and knows how to get the attention of readers. I can’t recommend him enough.

Joel Falconer

Editor, Sitepoint

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My Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

Words that connect, convince and convert your customers. Need higher page rankings in Search Engines? I can do the keyword research too.

Landing Page Copywriting

A key proposition will funnel your customers towards a singular goal. Sharp and focused messaging will see you achieve your desired outcome.

Blog Copywriting

Secure your audience by establishing yourself as the authority in your line of business. Engaging content in the voice of your brand.

Email Copywriting

Maintain your customer relationships. Avoid getting binned with catchy subject lines, succinct, on-point email messaging and clear call-to-actions.

Brochure & Direct Mail Copywriting

Even in today’s digital world, the power of print is still strong. Printed words impress and make your audience go ‘wow!’

Proofreading & Editing

No one’s perfect. I’ll highlight your errors and offer suggestions for improvements. No client wants work with mistakes in it!

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